Tavşan Vibratörü nasıl kullanılır?

Tavşan Vibratörü nasıl kullanılır?

Tavşan Vibratörü nasıl kullanılır?


The rabbit vibrator is probably the most recognised sex toy in the world and is easily one of the best-selling. What makes them so popular with women is the rabbit vibe’s ability to provide penetration and clitoral stimulation simultaneously, satisfying so many sensitive sexual arousal zones all at once.

Rabbit vibrators are also a great choice for first time sex toy buyers, because they allow users to experiment with a range of sensations without having to buy several different sex toys. So practical!

Whether you’re new to rabbit vibrators, or already a rampant enthusiast when it comes to this popular sex toy, Harmony’s how to use a rabbit vibrator guide will provide all the info you need on how to get the most out of yours.

What is a rabbit vibrator?

Originally, a rabbit vibrator was easily distinguishable because the clitoral stimulator was shaped to look like a small rabbit. The long ears that flickered against the clit were considered a revolution in female pleasure. The shaft also often contained rows of stimulating beads and rotated. While many do still follow this design model, many more rabbit vibrators have branched off, scrapping the animal shaped clit vibe or rotating beads in favour of more sleek and discreet designs and extra vibrating motors rather than rotating movement.

These days’ rabbit vibrators come in all sorts of shapes and forms, because like every good product that’s stood the test of time, the rabbit has been able to adapt and change to users’ preferences and desires. However, there are several common traits a sex toy must have in order to be considered a rabbit:

  • It must be a single toy that offers simultaneous penetration and clitoral stimulation
  • It has a long shaft that can be inserted into the vagina, offering the user G-spot stimulation and a satisfying fuller feeling
  • There is a separate arm protruding from the shaft that vibrates and remains outside the body to nuzzle the clitorisDespite its functions or the appearance of the sex toy, if it ticks these boxes then it’s most likely a rabbit vibrator.

    Anatomy of a Rabbit Vibrator

    There are several points on a rabbit vibrator that are designed to work in harmony and maximise the users pleasure.
    Rabbit Vibrators - how to use a rabbit vibe - Harmony Store

    Rabbit vibrators aren’t just for women to use on their own

    There’s no reason why rabbit vibrators can’t be considered a couples’ sex toy. Although many women will use rabbit vibes for masturbation, they can also be incorporated into foreplay, becoming an exciting and arousing part of your pre-sex repertoire.

    Let your partner control the rabbit, teasing you with it by showing off the settings and only using the clit stimulator until you have to beg for more power, or for the shaft to be inserted. They’ll have the pleasure of seeing you become increasingly aroused and excited, while you can enjoy the rabbit’s sensation as you drive towards your first climax.

    Rabbit vibrators are a great way to explore turn on’s with your partner. Discover whether they like soft and slow stimulation, or something harder and faster. Whether it’s more about pleasuring the clitoris, or deeper penetration. The key to great sex with toys is to communicate what’s working for you and what isn’t.

    How to use a rabbit vibrator

    STEP 1: Get used to the controls first. The majority of rabbit vibrators have multiple buttons so that the shaft and the vibrating clitoral stimulator can be used independent of the other. The benefit is a more personalised experience because you can set a different speed or pattern for each. It’s a good idea to get used to the controls first and find out which buttons control which function. Knowing your way around the control pad beforehand will minimise unwanted fumbling, or accidentally pressing the ‘off’ button at a crucial moment.

    STEP 2: Apply some water-based lubricant to your rabbit vibrator. This will relieve unwanted friction when inserting the vibrator, as well as heighten your sensitivity.

    STEP 3: Insert the shaft of the rabbit vibrator into the vagina. This should provide G-spot stimulation and offer a satisfying full feeling. The external clitoral stimulator arm should then naturally rest against the clitoris and inner labia, depending on the size and length of the bunny and flexible tickling ears.

    STEP 4: Turn on the vibrator. Either set both the shaft and the clit stim in motion, or start with one and then add the other in as your arousal grows. Start on the lowest speed setting.

    STEP 5: Let the rabbit vibrator do the work for you and get the most out of all of the settings on offer by steadily increasing the speed strength as you get closer towards climax. If it’s your first time using a rabbit you may find that you orgasm quite quickly, but the more you use it then the more accustomed you’ll become to the sensations. This will allow you to enjoy your rabbit for longer and experiment with even more of its functions.

    Sparkle sex toy cleaner - how to keep your rabbit vibrator clean

    Loving Joy Sparkle Sex Toy Cleaner, £3.99

    How to look after your rabbit

    Keep all of the components within your rabbit vibrator in top working order by taking care of it when not in use.
    Because of their size rabbit vibrators require a lot of power. This may mean that you have to charge them more often (if they’re rechargeable) or replace the batteries more regularly. If its battery powered, avoid having to constantly spend out on a fresh set by removing the batteries completely from the vibrator when you’re not using it.

    Make sure you give your rabbit a thorough clean before and after each use. As there are generally more curves and creases within rabbit vibrators, it’s important to make sure you clean all areas, taking care not to get water in the controls if it’s not waterproof. We suggest using an antibacterial sex toy cleaner to make really sure your new favourite sex toy stays hygienic.

    Need more help and advice?

    Now you know how to use a rabbit vibrator, find your perfect style in our Rabbits section.

    If you feel that you’d like a bit more advice, then get in touch with the Harmony sales team by call us +90‎533 196 04 33

    If you prefer to shop in store, then visit us. One of our experienced sales assistants will be able to talk you though the rabbit vibrators range and help you find the perfect sex toy to suit your needs.

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